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I’m a creative practitioner, visual artist and wellbeing advocate with over 20 years experience curating events and projects to support fellow creatives and the community around us. As a sound-colour, grapheme-colour synaesthete myself, I work alongside musicians to explore ways that the neurological condition synaesthesia can positively influence the psychology of the environment around us. I also design for spaces and I’m Saatchi represented.

I’m the founder and chair trustee of Forward 4 Wiz Trust, a charity supporting new music at grassroots level by way of mentoring, advising and assisting aspiring musicians to drive forward creativity and strengthen community. I cut my teeth in this industry as the Ops Coordinator of Aldershot’s legendary venue, the West End Centre (Live UK Music Business Awards WINNER 2018! Whoop!), as company secretary of Pursued By A Bear theatre company and as co-director of a now very defunct record label that died doing what it loved; putting out records by obscure punk artists that no one had ever heard of or really wanted to buy. I also wrote a bit for the mainstream and underground music press when that was a thing.

I’m a mental health and physical first aider, door supervisor and hold all the licenses and boring stuff to run a venue. I’m super organised, can manage budgets, write reports and all the boring stuff to run a business, charity and events. I dream big but find solutions to problems to get to the end goal. I make a mess with paint, get excited about small things, drink copious amounts of tea and think that everyone on this stupidly massive ball of earth and ocean is entitled to a fair, prosperous and happy life. Even if they are a Coldplay fan.

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