Projects & Collaborations

Enid. Yes!

Enid. Yes! Is the PhD of musician and academic Laura Lee. In collaboration with Laura's sound art, Karina provided the images throughout the development of the work, as a call and response between Farnborough and Berlin where Laura is based. Work will be shown at Aldershot's West End Centre in September 2022, with the album due for release at the same time. Watch this space for more info.


Windows Into The Past, Rushmoor Heritage Trail

As the world began to reopen between covid lockdowns, Rushmoor Borough Council commissioned several artists to produce works relating to buildings of heritage within the borough for the inaugural heritage trail. Karina created works relating to Rushmoor's musical heritage on the site of Aldershot's first music hall in the 1800s which later became the go-to Saturday haunt of a secondhand record shop. Works focused on Rushmoor cult bands Mega City Four, Reuben and Hundred Reasons, who broke into the mainstream from the hotbed of talent that Farnborough represented in the 80s-00s.


Parachute For Gordo

Parachute For Gordo have been long-time collaborators with Karina, producing work that fits to their math rock soundscapes, 15 minute epics and the odd musical curve ball. Karina painted the cover for the album 10 seconds per second per second, has painted live at their shows and has even appeared squeezed into a sweaty goat mask in one of their music videos.



In the spring climbing season of 2019, Karina travelled to Nepal to trek the Annapurna Circuit sketchbook in hand. The trip was crowdfunded by the kind supporters and collectors of Karina's work, many commissioning artwork for completion during the trek. The month long trip was life changing, fully blogged and grew a supporter base like no other. Battling snow, freezing temperatures and thin air at altitudes of up to 18,000 ft this was certainly no holiday, it demanded and delivered personal growth and physical fitness. During her time in Nepal, Karina also visited Raksha Nepal, a charity that rescues, homes and educates young girls that have experienced extremes of sexual and violent abuse. Here she ran art workshops and learnt value like no other. 



Frustrated that the huge creative talent pool within Rushmoor was largely being ignored by funders despite the borough being identified as a location of least engagement and participation within the UK, Karina curated the cross-disciplinary arts festival with Forward 4 Wiz Trust at Aldershot's West End Centre in Nov 2019. The event, well attended and well received, showcased music, visual art, performance and live art, poetry, film and av experiences created right in the locale. Click below for the video of the event.