Karina Fraser is an artist - curator centring her practice on painterly study of the neurological experience of synesthesia, the cross wiring of senses, and how it connects and disconnects physical and psychological boundaries. Her abstract work is informed by the paradox of the organic function of the brain, the human constructs of creativity and communication and the natural world around us.


Experiencing sound - colour and grapheme - colour synesthesia herself, Fraser seeks to convey the consistent and involuntary light show that punctuates daily life using brightly coloured layers; worked together, washed over, merged and torn apart to elevate otherwise unremarkable passing moments. The colour palette is provided by music, the form and texture by nature.


Evolving from a fascination for autobiographical memories linked to music and the synesthetic response to the sounds, Fraser developed her previously introspective approach by introducing a soothing influence from the natural environment to release the process, almost as therapy, from sketchbook to canvas to wall and even shed. Her work expresses a free, more joyful, buoyant sentiment.