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Karina Fraser is a synesthetic artist centring her practice on painterly study of the neurological experience of synaesthesia, the cross wiring of senses, and how it connects and disconnects physical and psychological boundaries. These ideas are abstracted into layers; worked together, washed over, merged and torn apart to emulate how we encode and retrieve autobiographical memories linked to music. Her abstract work is informed by the paradox of the organic function of the brain, the human constructs of creativity and communication and the natural world around us.Fraser graduated from Camberwell College of Arts (2004) and has exhibited nationally and internationally in group shows – LondonBaby/Brains&Lip colaboration, London (2017), Art Yard, Cradley Heath (2015), The Boileroom, Guildford (2014) Strummercamp Artshow, Manchester (2014), ArtCrasher Live Show, SOMArts Cultural Center, SanFrancisco (2014) and solo – West End Centre, Aldershot (2002, 2022). Fraser has curated a number of exhibitions at the West End Centre, Aldershot (2019, 2016 & 2006) alongside photographer Matt Williams, artists Laura Forbes and Eleanor Harvey and continues to work with the band Parachute For Gordo on a multi-disciplinary approach to music and visual art. Her work is held in a number of private collections in the UK, Australia, Europe and the USA. Fraser is an active member of Rushmoor Arts Hub, leads workshops within community groups across Hampshire and Surrey and was awarded a Millennium Fellowship (2000).

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