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Enid. Yes! The collaborative exhibition. Aldershot 2022 (forthcoming in Sept)

Enid. Yes! Collaboration with Laura Lee, sound art PhD with University for the Creative Arts 2021

Windows Into The Past heritage trail for Rushmoor Borough Council. Aldershot 2021

Social Distance installation for Rushmoor Borough Council, Aldershot 2020

#WE4REHERE Festival of Creativity @ West End Centre, Aldershot Nov 2019 (curated event)

Public art commission @ West End Centre bar, Aldershot 2019

Annapurna Sketchbook, Nepal March-Apr 2019 (crowdfunded trip)

Sound4Vision live art show with Parachute For Gordo & Slow Clinic, Aldershot 2019

Colour @ West End Centre, Aldershot 2019 (curated)

Parachute For Gordo, Possibility Of Not release show exhibition, Aldershot 2017

London Baby/Brains&Lip collab, London 2017

Inspiringly Titled @ West End Centre, Aldershot 2016 (curated)

Welcome The Howling Tones - Green & Blues ep artwork 2015

Summer Show @ Art Yard, Cradley Heath 2015

Art Crasher @ SOMArts, San Francisco 2014

Sulu Babylon - See It In Colour single & Colour ep artwork 2014

Live Painting @ The Boiler Room, Guildford 2014

Strummercamp Artshow @ Strummercamp Manchester 2014

Parachute For Gordo - 10 Metres Per Second Per Second album artwork 2014

Ipanema - Ipanema album artwork 2008

4 For Wiz @ Islington Academy merchandise design 2007

Ipanema - Nervosa music video 2005

Ipanema - Me Me Me album artwork & merchandise 2005

Not Taking Sides @ West End Centre, Aldershot 2002 (solo)

Coded Communities @ West End Centre, Aldershot 2000 (curated, lottery funded)

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