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OMG it is ACTUALLY happening!

Long ago, when I rode bikes for fun, knew nothing of the trappings of adult life and had that spark of excitement that anything, ANYTHING could be possible, I decided that I would climb Everest. Seemingly letting a 8 year old loose on a mountainside higher than anything breathable would be negligent on my parents part. They did however encourage that dream for the future. 45 years ago my parents trekked the south and east sections of the Annapurna Circuit, their stories brought to life by every single book I voraciously read on mountain craft, climbing and Nepal. And then adult life got in the way. With a mortgage to pay, a hubby at home and a severe anxiety disorder disrupting even the most mundane of tasks, the dream of such a trek slipped further and further away.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Tom, now living in Kathmandu, put a short post on Facebook looking for trekking mates for the Annapurna Circuit. Fate had handed me the change I had so long been trying to steer into life. My other friend Susan will also be joining us, we booked our flights, and everything has started to fall into place.

I am both elated and excited. I am also partly terrified. It's actually happening.

I have set up a Crowdfunder page to help me on my way, as a fairly extreme way of gaining commissions for 2019, but there you go, in for a penny, in for a pound. Please pop over to the page and pledge. All artwork sales until I board that plane on 26th March will also go into the pot.

I'll also keep you updated with a blog of all my mind drivel, hilarious attempts at upping my fitness levels and my forthcoming exhibition at Aldershot's West End Centre where you can literally get hands on involved... yikes!

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