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Team Trundle

Team Annapurna (+ Alice the dog) met up early this morning to have a long walk in the sunshine and have a chat about our forthcoming trip.

The biggest test? Mornings.

Susan and I are not only in training for the trek but also for actually heaving our butts out of bed. Considering the amount of cocktails and chinese takeaway I poured into my poor body last night, I've already made quite an achievement.

The colour of the changing countryside and army land of our 17km walk today got me thinking of exploring more golden and metallic tones in my artwork. I'm going to experiment floating metallic power on the thin squeegied transparent colour layers akin to the reflections on the canal.

Something to work on in my spare time then...

Anyway, meet Tom and Susan. Here is a photo of them walking away from me. There will be a lot more photos like this. Just with more mountains...

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